Building (Commercial) Classification

CAR 7131 Commercial Contractor Exam Review (CPCC Harper Campus)

A North Carolina General Contractors License, Building (Commercial) Classification, covers all building construction activity including:  commercial, industrial, institutional, and all residential building construction. It includes parking decks; all 
site work, grading and paving of parking lots, driveways sidewalks, and gutters; storm drainage, retaining or screen walls, and hardware and accessory structures; and indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including natural and artificial surface athletic fields, running tracks, bleachers and seating. It also covers work done under the Specialty Classifications of S(Concrete Construction), S(Insulation), S(Interior Construction), S(Marine Construction), S(Masonry Construction), S(Roofing), S(Metal Erection), S(Swimming Pools), S(Asbestos), and S(Wind Turbine).

The Building (Commercial) Classification exam consists of 90 multiple choice questions. Examinees have 3 hours 20 minutes (200 minutes) in which to complete this exam. You must answer 63 questions correctly in order to obtain a passing score of 70%. The current pass rate state-wide is about 30%, however, The Construction Institute’s students’ pass rate is in the high 90th percentile on the first attempt. 
You will need the 2018 NC Building Code, Contractor’s Guide to Business Law & Project Management, ACI 318, ACI 530, OSHA handbook of construction industry regulations and Sports Fields Design, Construction, and Maintenance. These books can be purchased from the Contractor Book Warehouse at a discounted rate using the "PURCHASE YOUR BUILDING REFERENCE BOOKS HERE!" link below. 
Your 2020 Study Guide and preprinted tabs for the reference books listed above can be purchased using the "CAR7131 Textbook" button below and will be delivered to you in class.

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