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“Bridging the gap between General Contracting and the NC Building Codes"
General Contractor and Inspector Continuing Education

Our instructors are either currently or have been NC Code Officials and are very familiar with Construction Regulation in NC. We realized one of the major disconnects in the building industry is the relationship between code officials and contractors. Being contractors ourselves for many years, we've learned that understanding the NC Codes is key to running a successful construction business. Navigating those requirements along with the permitting and inspection process is something we know all about and strive to bring that knowledge to our students both Contractors and Code Officials alike. Let us help you, sign up for our CE classes either in person or online today!   




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We know, nobody likes to take CE, we aim to provide you with education that is applicable for our industry today

Elective C.E. CLasses

Our classes were written by one of our instructors who has taught Code Officials for decades and has been an Building Code Official for more than 25 years. All our instructors have fast backgrounds as both Code Officials and General Contractors in NC. They have also been actively involved in the Residential and Commercial Code development in NC. Stay connected with the latest information on the NC requirements, choose the Construction Institute of Charlotte for all your CE needs!   

Life Safety Requirements

Course Numbers:

Online (SDL): 3184

In Person: 364

During this course we will cover in depth the 2018 NCRBC requirements of section

R302 Fire Resistant Construction to include...

• Fire separation distance

• Dwelling unit separations

• Fire resistant penetrations

• Dwelling / garage separation

• Under-stair protection

• Fireblocking

• Draftstopping


Egress Elements & Amendments

Course Number:  363 In Person Only

During this course we will cover in depth the 2018 NCRBC egress requirements.

  • R310- Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings

  • R311- Means of Egress

  • R312- Guard Requirements

We will also discuss current building code amendments that became effective January 1, 2023


This year we are providing our same 8 hour class with the option of taking our elective classes and the board's mandatory class individually.  If you have already taken 4 hours of elective classes, you will be able to sign up to just take our two hour elective class and the board's mandatory class.  

To sign up for classes, you will need to have your qualifier number handy.

Class fees are $195 which includes every thing in the class outline, reporting your CE's to the NCLBGC and a Certificate of Completion for your records.
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