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“Bridging the gap between General Contracting and the NC Building Codes"
General Contractor and Inspector Continuing Education

Our instructors are either currently or have been NC Code Officials and are very familiar with Construction Regulation in NC. We realized one of the major disconnects in the building industry is the relationship between code officials and contractors. Being contractors ourselves for many years, we've learned that understanding the NC Codes is key to running a successful construction business. Navigating those requirements along with the permitting and inspection process is something we know all about and strive to bring that knowledge to our students both Contractors and Code Officials alike. Let us help you, sign up for our CE classes either in person or online today!   




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We know, nobody likes to take CE, we aim to provide you with education that is applicable for our industry today

Elective C.E. CLasses

Our classes were written by one of our instructors who has taught Code Officials for decades and has been an Building Code Official for more than 25 years. All our instructors have fast backgrounds as both Code Officials and General Contractors in NC. They have also been actively involved in the Residential and Commercial Code development in NC. Stay connected with the latest information on the NC requirements, choose the Construction Institute of Charlotte for all your CE needs!   

NC Deck Basics (2018 NCRC Appendix M)


During this course we will discuss the following:

  • We will begin with a review of deck failures since 2003.  This is an invaluable tool in learning code compliant deck construction. 

  • 2018 NCRC Appendix M Wood Decks and the IRC Deck Code/National Code.

  • Decks as accessory structures in NC and walk though an example of a specific deck design (will be used to determine each element of construction during review of appendix M).

  • Software options for design

  • Wood products and fastener requirements

  • Footer requirements and tributary area


Construction Regulation in N.C.


During this course we will discuss the following:

  • Current challenges to the construction industry and the future implications of these challenges

  • ​The national background on codes including a timeline on NC code requirements through the modern era

  • 2020-2022 session law significant bills impacting NC construction and show you how to view the content of the six bills that have recently been signed into law.

  • The most current permit requirements so you will be up to date on recent changes per GS 160D-1110

  • Code and the NC Residential Code and show you where to go to find future amendments.


At this time, our classes are 8 hours providing our two elective CE classes (listed below) and the 2 hour NCLBGC mandatory class.  Class formats are as follows:

  • 8 hour in person CE, Saturdays in Concord, NC

  • 8 hr online CE through Zoom during the week

  • 8 hr online split session held on Wednesday evenings from 5 to 9 pm over a two week period

To sign up for classes, you will need to have your qualifier number handy.

Class fees are $195 which includes every thing in the class outline, reporting your CE's to the NCLBGC and a Certificate of Completion for your records.
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