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At The Construction Institute we understand the value of your time and that you may not be able to set aside the time to attend an eight week course or a seminar.  For this reason we offer self-study programs for the following license classifications: 

North Carolina 


To be used when obtaining a residential contractor's license

North Carolina 


To be used when obtaining a commercial contractor's license

The self-study programs listed above include everything you will need to prepare for the exam (You will need to purchase your reference books separately).  Each package includes: TCI 2022 Study Guide specific to the classification for which you are testing. This study guide tells you exactly which reference books you need to take into the exam with you and what to highlight & underline in each book. It also includes the exam content you will have to "memorize" which comes from the remaining reference books that are not allowed into the exam, permanent tabs for all the reference books you will take into the exam with you. These tabs are "exam specific" and have been designed by our instructors based on years of feedback from students.  As always you have access to call our instructors directly.

The Construction Institute
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